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Article that appeared in The New Leaf ™.

Each week I field inquiries from coaches and other practitioners who want to know how I built a successful practice. In recent weeks I have spent so much time at this that I faced a dilemma: while I love sharing my success with other professionals, I am clear that I love working with my clients, writing these newsletters and building my practice even more. How could I be a generous champion for professional success and still have the time for my clients, my business and myself?

The answer came as I pondered what topic to address in this week's "Working Solutions." This week, and for some weeks to come, I will share what I know about building a prosperous, joyful practice. Of necessity, this will be a highly personal account, for I believe the foundation of my success is that I have grown my practice by honoring who I am at essence and by choosing marketing strategies that allow me to show up as myself.

While my choices will therefore be somewhat different from what any one of you (and oh my, there are a lot of you--almost 1300 readers this week) may choose, I believe the principles are applicable across the board. It is my intention to share those principles, illustrating them by examples from my work without limiting you to those same examples.

Show Up and Serve

Let's begin with the fundamental truth that you must show up in order to serve. If you are invisible, your clients will not be able to find you. This means that not only can you not afford to play small, you cannot do good if you play small. So begin with a commitment to make an impression every day, an impression that tells people who you are and what you do.

Do you have gremlins around showing up? Perhaps you grew up with the message that it was not nice to promote yourself or to attract too much attention. Perhaps you believe there are only a few "right" ways to show up effectively and that you cannot do them. Whatever your gremlins, now is the time to face them. Name them in writing (an essential step). Get some space from their incessant commentary. Notice what they have to say. Process them with a coach. Do not pass "Go" until you are 100% clear that you DO intend to show up.

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